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The 9th Brand Excellence Circle (BEC) took place on 22 November 2019 in Wetzlar at Leica Camera AG. With the main theme “Opinion Leaders & Branding” the participants gathered at one of the leading manufacturers of camera systems and optics. The main topic was discussed from different perspectives. The focus was on the questions of

financial times business school ranking

Once again…University of St. Gallen ranks fourth in Financial Times ranking!:

We are heading the global table for Masters in International Management (MiM) for the 9th year. Together with our strong position in other rankings, we could secure the 4th place overall in Europe for the 3rd consecutive year. 

innovation automobilindustrie

Innovation for Transformation – Challenges of Ambidexterity in the Automotive Industry:

While innovations in the core business ensure current survival, innovations in the future business contribute to the future competitiveness of established manufacturers. A study in cooperation with the Volkswagen AG is investigating how the tensions of exploitation and exploration can be solved.

andreas herrmann visiting professor lse

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann appointed Visiting Professor@LSE:

Professor Dr. Andreas Herrmann is appointed Visiting Professor at LSE Cities from September 2019 onwards. LSE Cities is an international centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science that carries out research, graduate and executive education. It studies how people and cities interact in a rapidly urbanising world, focusing on how the physical form and design of cities impact on society, culture and the environment.

rail journeys co2 emissions

Rail journeys with additional costs:

Train, plane or car? The debate about traffic emissions is too short-sighted today. Travelling by train is comparatively environmentally friendly, but CO2 emissions must be taken into account when building rails, tunnels and bridges. Without arguing against rail travel, Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann and management consultant Klaus Radermacher argue in the current ZEIT article for

uniqueness mass customized products

Being one in a Million – the value of uniqueness in mass-customized products:

Being one in a million – Pia Burghartz, Emanuel de Bellis, Franziska Krause, Nikolaus Franke, and Gerald Haeubl show at different international conferences how product uniqueness can create value for customers in a mass customization context.

transformationsstrategien autoindustrie

Future needs origin: Transformation strategies in the automotive industry:

How can proud companies with a long-standing legacy successfully reinvent themselves? Our research in cooperation with the BMW Group examines the success factors of contemporary strategy work and the potential of leveraging a company’s unique identity.

marketing lecture telekom

Deutsche Telekom: From a public company to a magenta-colored experience:

What do customers expect from brands in the future? How do companies stand out in a saturated industry? And do companies need a color brand? These and many other questions were answered by Alexander Engelhardt, Vice President Brand Management at Deutsche Telekom AG, at the largest marketing event of the University of St. Gallen.

co2 emitters transportation

What are the real CO2 emitters among the means of transportation?:

The current climate debate is largely about the ecological footprint of our transportation systems. But what are the real CO2 emitters?

glass consumer smart products

The glass consumer in the age of smart products:

Data are the new currency in the business world, as they offer incomparable private insights into the lives of consumers. What can companies do in order not to lose consumer trust?

insight future life

How do we want to live in ten years?:

How about a bit of fortune telling? Learn about a method that allows you to gain insights about the future to understand what consumers may want in the future.

autonomous driving

What is really important on the way to autonomous driving?:

Discussions regarding autonomous driving are currently very much focused on the new mobile generation 5G, which should serve as a building block for an autonomous future. According to Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann, however, such discussions are misleading.

digital behavior change journey

The Digital Behavior Change Journey – How does digital organizational transformation work?:

Change is only successful if the people within an organization live the change. Thus, the actual challenge is: to support each individual within an organization in their personal change. Our research reveals ways to precisely master this challenge digitally.

competence center for intrapreneurship

Research: MAKE IT HAPPEN – Clarity and agency in times of unlimited possibility:

How does one find orientation in the midst of complexity? Which path do you chose when any path is possible? The Competence Center for Intrapreneurship outlines a practical method to gain clarity and agency in the times of endless opportunities and translate ideals into actions.

new technologies marketing

Publication: These 7 technologies change marketing – What marketeers need to know to be successful in the future:

Hype or fundamental change – which new technologies should marketeers understand? The trend report of the newly founded Big Marketing Technology Lab identifies 7 relevant technology trends.

influence consumption vocabulary

Research: How language may entice us – The subtle influence of consumption vocabulary on communication about products in online discussion forums:

Social media platforms hold great potential from a company’s point of view but they are also associated with the challenge of maintaining control over the way products (and services) are discussed on the Internet.

challenges opportunities voice marketing

Publication: Alexa is talking to my customer! Challenges and Opportunities in Voice Marketing:

Virtual assistants and smart speakers have been adopted by customers more quickly than smartphones at the same point in time. What do these new interaction possibilities mean for brands and marketing?

narcissistic communication social product configurators

Research: Influence of narcissistic communication in social product configurators:

Social product configurators allow consumers to receive feedback from peers on their mass-customized product. Does the type of communication between consumers influence the configuration process?

future asset management

Publication: What does the Future of Asset Management Look Like? 7 Key Trends Reshaping the Industry:

The asset management industry undergoes a structural transformation. The ICI think tank RFS analyses in its most recent publication seven key trends reshaping the industry and what incumbents can do to be prepared for the future.

platforms solve societal challenges

Publication: How to use platforms to solve societal challenges?:

The platform economy is described as the most profound global macroeconomic change since the industrial revolution. This development is not only limited to private platforms, but also reaches into regulators’ spheres where so-called public sector platforms are emerging.

future elderly care

Publication: What does the future of elderly care look like?:

Global population ageing brings many challenges to our current social systems, health care approaches, and public policy, leading to various disruptions that existing institutions cannot easily overcome.

electric vehicles energy supply

Insight Research: Will electric vehicles supply us with energy in the future?:

Vehicle-to-Grid makes the electric vehicle to a mobile battery that can feed back electricity. But is the customer willing to provide the power from his vehicle battery to the grid? What are the obstacles and how can they be overcome?

purpose meaningful workplaces

Insight Research: Creating Meaningful Workplaces:

Purpose enables meaningful work and self-actualization, which are key drivers for individual and team performance. But how can organizations create meaningful workplaces where people are able to pursue purpose?

brands influence personality

Insight Research: Do brands influence our personality?:

Collaborating with Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis, Marek Gorny investigates how brand consumption influences consumers’ personality.

article german automotive industry

Article published in the “Automobil Industrie”:

How can the German automotive industry be steered in the right direction? Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann (ICI-HSG) and Winfried Vahland (former Skoda CEO) present a master plan in the magazine “Automobil Industrie” in order for the German industry to get back on track and remain internationally competitive in the future.

psychological brand ownership

Insight Research: Psychological Brand Ownership:

Why should companies not only consider their legal ownership over a brand? It is shown that consumers’ psychological brand ownership can have serious consequences for modern brand management.


Insight Research: Self-Management, Passion and Compassion in transformation procedures:

Where does the energy for employees’ change in mindset and behavior come from? As organizations continue thriving towards digitalization and agility, traditional leadership styles are to be replaced by leading through autonomy and self-management.

artificial intelligence financial services

Insight Research: Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services:

The ICI think tank Redesigning Financial Services is currently investigating the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the financial industry.

brand excellence circle red bull

The Brand Excellence Circle at Red Bull:

On November 30, the seventh Brand Excellence Circle (BEC) took place at the Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl am See.


Scholarship for the Summer School at the University of Michigan:

This year, ICI doctoral student Matthias Fuchs receives one of four scholarships for a four-week stay at the University of Michigan summer School.

revolut amazon of banking

Can Revolut become the Amazon of Banking?:

In the financial industry, fast-moving new challenger banks are leveraging technology to offer clients cheaper, more convenient and transparent services. What do successful business models look like?

hsg financial times ranking

University of St. Gallen ranks fourth in Financial Times ranking:

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) ranks fourth in the Financial Times’ “European Business Schools Ranking” 2018.

influencer content

Content from the Crowd instead of the own production:

Why is it advisable for companies to commission influencers to produce content instead of creating their own branded content? The advantages influencer marketing are discussed with some examples.

autonomous vehicles premium market

Insight Research: (Shared) Autonomous Vehicles and the Effects on Sales Figures and Customer Contact Points in the Premium Automotive Market:

Pia Burghartz and Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann are currently conducting research at the ICI in the area of (Shared) Autonomous Vehicles.

autonome revolution buch

Book „Autonomous Driving“ published in German:

The book “Autonomous Driving” by Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann (ICI-HSG) and Prof. Dr. Walter Brenner (IWI-HSG) has now been published in German.

crowdsourcing hbr article

Article published in HBR France and Harvard Business Manager:

HBR France and Harvard Business Manager published an article about the research of Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter, Dr. Suleiman Aryobsei and Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann.

steven neubauer marketing lecture

Steven Neubauer (Former Managing Director NZZ) as Guest Lecturer in the Course “Marketing”:

Steven Neubauer gave a guest lecture in the course „Marketing“ which is held by Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak (ICI-HSG).


Book Chapter Published on Gift Giving:

Lydia Ottlewski just published a book chapter in ‘Gifts, Romance, and Consumer Culture’ on material and non-material gift giving strategies that transform strangers into family.

authenticity digital transformation

Authenticity as a Success Factor in the Context of Digital Transformation:

In response to digitization, many companies are reinventing themselves with new offers and business models beyond their core business. What role does perceived authenticity play in the sustainable success of the transformation?

policy measures electric mobility

Article published in the Journal of Cleaner Production:

Nele Rietmann and Theo Lieven published the article “How policy measures succeeded to promote electric mobility – Worldwide review and outlook”.

consortium purpose

May the purpose be with you!:

Under the direction of Maximilian Strecker, the third and final workshop of the Consortium Purpose 2018 revealed crucial levers for creating a purpose-oriented work environment.

future mobility

Interview and article published on the future of mobility:

What does the future of mobility look like? Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann discusses this in an interview on autonomous driving and explains in an article in 20 Minuten why electric cars are soon going to become a bigger part of our everyday lives.

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