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Great ICI presence at ACR and AOM Conferences 2020

Wow…we have been productive: Our Institute for Customer Insight will be present with 9 papers at the 2020 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference in October and with 1 paper at the 2020 Academy of Management Conference (AOM) in August. Both conferences are highly renowned in the respective fields consumer research and management. Due to the present situation, for the first time the conferences will take place virtually. We congratulate our contributors for such great efforts and successes. 

The following papers will be presented virtually at ACR: 

  • Bucher, Jan-Hendrik, Niklas Woermann & Johanna Gollnhofer (2020) From Aesthetic to Epistemic Consumption: Analyzing Knowledge Practices in Consumption Collectives”, competitive paper.
  • Burghartz, Pia, Emanuel de Bellis, Franziska Krause, Nikolaus Franke, and Gerald Häubl (2020), “You’re One in a Million: Strict Uniqueness of Mass-Customized Products,” special session paper.
  • Clegg, Melanie, Reto Hofstetter, Emanuel de Bellis, and Bernd Schmitt (2020), “Inner Values Also Count: Algorithm Types Drive Consumer Adoption of Robotic Technologies,” special session paper.
  • de Bellis, Emanuel, Gita V. Johar, and Nicola Schweitzer (2020), “No Pain, No Gain: Protestant Work Ethic and the Adoption of Autonomous Products,” special session paper.
  • Fuchs, Matthias, Gerald Häubl (2020), “The Review-Writing Effect: Writing a Review Amplifies Evaluations and Connections More Than Rating Does,” competitive paper.
  • Hasenmaile-Aspin, Johanna, Emanuel de Bellis, and Andreas Hermann (2020), “The Power of Narcissists in Social Product Configurators,” competitive paper.
  • Manke, Birte, Johanna Gollnhofer (2020). “Freed from Desire: Consumers’ Escape from Market Ideologies Through Decluttering Practices?”, special session paper “Letting Go: What Does it Mean for Consumers to Declutter their Offline and Online Lives?“
  • Schlager, Tobias, de Bellis, Emanuel and Whillans, Ashley V. (2020), “Time to Be Happy: Autonomous Products Increase Consumer Happiness by Reducing Time Stress,” competitive paper.
  • Sokoll, Cynthia (2020), “The Trouble with Trust: When Certification is Not Enough to Turn Trust into Willingness to Share Data”, competitive paper. 

The following paper will be presented virtually at AOM:

  • Rehnert, Désirée, Sebastin Kernbach & Wolfgang Jenewein (2020), “The Pathway of a Change-Maker: Creativity and Affect Regulation to Bridge the Intention-Action Gap”, competitive paper.