Swiss Consumer Research Summit


In order to strengthen the exchange between the Institute for Customer Insight and the international leading research community in the field of consumer behavior, Prof. Gerald Häubl, Prof. Andreas Herrmann, Prof. Torsten Tomczak and Prof. Thomas Bieger have founded the Swiss Consumers’ Research Summit (SCRS). The SCRS takes place in September under the direction of Prof. Gerald Häubl on the Kleine Scheidegg (Jungfrauregion) as well as on the Riffelberg (Zermatt).


Neben dem wissenschaftlichen Austausch kommen die Teilnehmer des SCRS in den Genuss einzigartiger Outdoor-Aktivitäten, wie bspw. gemeinsamer Ausflüge zum Jungfraujoch oder zum Gornergrat. Der nächste SCRS findet vom 10. bis 12. September 2017 auf der Kleinen Scheidegg statt.

Speakers 2018

– Eric Johnson (Columbia University)

– Susan Broniarczyk (University of Texas at Austin)

– Stefano Puntoni (Erasmus University)

– Gal Zauberman (Yale University)

Speakers 2017

– Chris Janiszewski (University of Miami)

– Gita Johar (Columbia University)

– Simona Botti (London Business School)

– Stephen Spiller (UCLA)

Speakers 2016

– Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago): Pursuing Goals with Otherst

– Baba Shiv (Stanford University): The Interplay of Wanting and Liking in Shaping Desire and Desirability

– Jeff Inman (University of Pittsburgh): Digital Distraction: Consumer Mobile Device Use and Decision Making

– Rik Pieters (Tilburg University): Time to Cut Through: Duration-Frequency Effects of Advertising

Speakers 2015

– Ravi Dhar (Yale University): Of the Bold and the Beautiful: How Feeling Beautiful Leads to Bold Choices

– Aradhna Krishna (University of Michigan): Embodied Mental Simulation and Other Mental Imagery

– Michael Norton (Harvard University): Citizens’ and Consumers’ Preferences for Inequality

– Michel Tuan Pham (Columbia University): Affect as Ordinal System of Utility Assessment

– Kathleen Vohs (University of Minnesota): What Underlies Happiness from Experiences? A Developmental Approach