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A completely new radicalism is characterising the competition for innovation. Digitalisation, globalisation, disruption and speed are the main catchwords in this context. Innovative business models derived from unique customer insights are gaining headway against the competition. As a consequence, value creation chains are being restructured and the boundaries between different sectors are being eroded. What do businesses need to know and do to participate successfully in this process? How do those who are driving these changes think and act?

In our projects, we provide businesses with the support they need to develop innovative solutions and communicate these to their customers, thus using to their advantage the opportunities provided by an economy in transition.


Nespresso: Innovative acoustic design

Nestlé Nespresso S.A. has consulted us on several occasions in connection with the subject of product design. The main objective was to evaluate and optimise the acoustic aspects of the Nespresso product range. On the basis of a series of customer surveys, perception psychology studies and psychoacoustic analyses, we were able to propose detailed recommendations for the improvement of acoustic design. We will continue to provide advice to the business on the development of the acoustic features of new products.

BMW: Innovations and the point of view of the customer

If an innovation is to be effective, it must be ensured at the development phase that it will trigger the required reactions in customers. This transfer project was used to create a special tool that would enable product developers at BMW to assess the potential of new product concepts at an early phase from the point of view of customers.

Nestlé AG, Roche AG, Bayer AG, Schindler AG: Competence Centre Consumer Data and Innovation

In the wake of the digital revolution, businesses now need to process a vast amount of information, particularly data relating to their customers. However, the value of this information is seldom recognised and utilised to the full. The Competence Center Consumer Data and Innovation uses the three techniques of data collection, data analysis and data transformation to demonstrate how customer information can be used to provide a significant contribution to business value propositions. This project is being conducted in collaboration with the Business Engineering Institute AG and a consortium of businesses (including Nestlé, Roche, Bayer and Schindler).


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